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What’s the price of loyalty?

I’ve been surprised to learn recently that two to four years is the norm for a UX tenure at any particular job. In fact, managers (at least the ones that I’ve talked to) don’t expect to hold on to an employee for more than three years.

As someone who’s had only four jobs in my 25-year career, this is hard to comprehend. I asked my colleagues what they thought:

  • “I’ve never had a job more than a two or three years. Because I’m always looking for something else but I never find it.” (I asked this person what he was looking for and he said he didn’t know exactly.)
  • “I don’t trust job candidates who’ve been at a single company for a long time. Dynamic people change jobs.”
  • “People don’t stay at jobs because they have no loyalty to the company any more. And companies aren’t loyal either.”

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Owning your success

An interesting thing happened in the last few weeks. I’m finally becoming comfortable with my own success, to the point where I was able to my husband last night, without caveats or apologies, “I have been very successful.”

As I’m writing this, I notice that I’m still not quite comfortable saying, “I am a success”—though by most measures I am. To me, the present tense and noun form imply that I’m done setting and working towards new goals, which is certainly not the case. In some respects, I feel like my career is just getting going.

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